Fully Autonomous Disinfection Robot

PUROBOT UV disinfects a gym space

PUROBOT UV is the fully autonomous, mobile robot that automatically disinfects high-traffic areas and shared spaces. Like all PURO Lighting products, it emits powerful, full-spectrum UV light and can be programmed for sessions in advance.

PUROBOT UV can be programmed to relocate to different positioning in an area or room, pulse, rotate and pulse again to maximize UV coverage.

Scheduling of disinfection can be initiated or modified from anywhere using a mobile device, browser, or integration with a scheduling system.

Optional disinfection analytics provide disinfection event validation and UV light performance, including date, time, location, photographic evidence, disinfection duration, and cleaning performance.

  • The PUROBOT UV robot automatically kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens up to 99.9% on surfaces and in the air.
  • Patented, dynamic, real-time UV disinfection is optimized in your environment using IR sensing technology.

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